About us

Shanghai Gems S.A. was founded in 1989 by Tedeschi Family with head office based in Geneva. From the beginning, Shanghai Gems has remained as close as possible to the pearls producers thus avoiding intermediaries and remaining highly competitive with prices and service.

​Today, our new Director, Mr Luciano Policicchio, after many years of researches and experience all around the world, keep going to collaborates with some selected pearls growers in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and French Polynesia. He’s also always searching the best and rare natural sea pearls all around the world to satisfy an ever greater demand from our customers.

Through these collaborations, Shanghai Gems is able to purchase entire productions of cultured pearls and one of a kind beautiful fine pearls.

​At Geneva head office, the crop of cultured pearls is sorted with rigor by quality, shape, size, color and lustre.

The company’s customers can find the pearls they need for their own market at very competitive prices in a very large selection from top to low quality in all shapes, sizes and colors.

To maintain the magnificience and beauty of each pearl, Shanghai Gems has its own processing facility in Geneva. As we don’t buy from middle men, but only directly from the source, we can guarantee the lustre and quality of each pearl we sell. The polishing is carried out in our workshop using only natural products. We can produce any kind of necklaces, from the inexpensive to the top-of-the range, or extra long for special orders.

We also start proposing  a new pearl jewellery collection with precious stones, cultured pearls or natural pearls to our customer jewellers.

Through its several representatives markets, (Italy, Spain and Hong Kong) the company nurtures a very close relationship with its customers. Each representative leads a small but very efficient team, which reacts very quickly to any request. Because the teams are small, they generate few expenses and allow them to maintain prices close to those of their source.

​The company’s philosophy is to improve its competitiveness and to give the best service in the main markets on a daily basis.

Thereby Shanghai Gems is exhibiting in the majors Jewellery exhibitions around the world.